10 Days of INGENIUM

Exploring diversity and excellence: Junior and Senior Summer School, Staff Academy and Science Factory

, as an alliance between 10 universities, wants to use diversity to pursue excellence in European Higher Education. Embodying the diverse geography, cultural background, and organization activities the partners share the same values regarding education, research, innovation and social engagement.
Twice a year the INGENIUM European University organizes the 10 DAYS OF INGENIUM event. The first edition was hosted by Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences from Germany and University “G. d’Annunzio” from Italy.

The second edition of the 10 DAYS OF INGENIUM events will be organized in February, 2024 by the University of Crete, Greece and the Munster Technological University, Ireland

Who will participate?
Junior & Senior Schools relate to students enrolled in bachelor, master, and doctoral studies from partner universities. The academic staff is joining as well to meet and act as mentors, trainers, and keynote lecturers. Complementary to students’ program, there are multiple workshops regarding best cases in Innovative Teaching and Lifelong Learning during Staff Academy sessions, projects development and networking in the Science Factory program. Workshops on various barriers to inclusion and belonging in Higher Education will enable in-depth reflection on current issues, and the drafting of the INGENIUM ‘Equity and Inclusion’ Charter.


Is it international?
Yes it is! The event will bring together students, academic and administrative staff belonging to INGENIUM partner universities from: Italy, Romania, Germany, Bulgaria, Ireland, Finland, Greece, Spain, France and Sweden.


What else is to know?
The event has on-site and hybrid activities that will allow the participants to be involved and gather the information they are interested in such as:

  • Outdoor activities
  • Team buildings
  • Open Campus Day
  • Informal networking and cultural activities.


Junior Winter School on Entrepreneurship
MTU is leading Work Package 8 – Entrepreneurial INGENIUM – which is aimed at enhancing the entrepreneurial character of our Alliance, building on the tradition and experience of the partners to develop all aspects of the Entrepreneurial University, including:

  • Encouraging researchers, academics, and undergraduate and post graduate students to develop entrepreneurial mindsets and skills
  • Increasing the number of entrepreneurs supported across the Alliance
  • Supporting external stakeholders within the INGENIUM regions to set up new enterprises and benefit from wider geographical expertise and market knowledge.

Junior Winter School will begin with TEAM BUILDING EXERCISE that will give the participants an opportunity to get to know each other as well as encourage teamwork, creativity, problem solving, time management and communication skills. Students will explore the Business Model Canvas, a widely used visual tool to help entrepreneurs understand the key building blocks that describe various aspects of a business including customer segments, value propositions, channels, customer relationships, revenue streams, key activities, key resources, key partnerships, and cost structure.

The Cyber Security and Sustainability themed Hackathon will bring teams together to understand, research, and attempt to solve key problems concerning industry partners in cyber security and sustainability.  At the end of the two days participants will have a deeper understanding of the problem statement and an understanding of how they can implement potential solutions for that problem statement.

WhereMunster Technological University, Ireland
When: 12-16 February, 2024

For the whole program of 10 Days of INGENIUM in MTU please click here

Senior Winter School: “The Carob Challenge: A Paradigm of Sustainable Development and Innovation”
The first INGENIUM Senior Winter School brings together students and mentors from all 10 INGENIUM members in Europe to explore, reflect and create in a narrative space that fosters interdisciplinary collaboration.

.  The INGENIUM Winter Senior School aims to provide students with an interdisciplinary approach to the Mediterranean product Carob as a test case of sustainability. Through lectures, workshops and hands-on activities, students will follow the complete sustainability pathway of the carob tree:

  • Carob through History and its Ecocultural Landscape
  • Biochemical structure of Carob [The Carob Genome/ Metabolites]
  • Bioactive properties of the Carob
  • Economics of the Carob: Value Chain and Economic Vulnerability
  • Resilience and Social Sustainability Impact
  • Innovation and Production

Through this Winter Senior School, students will develop skills of holistic approach, collaboration and critical thinking. In the final session, students will be organised into groups and propose an entrepreneurial and innovative project around carob.

WhereUniversity of Crete, Greece –  WEEKLY PROGRAM
When: 5-9 February, 2024

For the whole program of 10 Days of INGENIUM in UoC please click here

Live Streaming

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Staff Academy Workshops
The INGENIUM Alliance organizes Staff Academy workshops to share, transfer and showcase selected innovative pedagogical methodologies from the partner Universities. Each Staff Academy event has ten individual sessions, lasting an hour, with one from each partner university. The Staff Academy sessions are based on proposals submitted by Alliance staff implementing innovative learning methodologies or wishing to develop them in cooperation with INGENIUM partners.

Staff Academy workshops allow participants to gain and enhance their teaching and facilitation skills by providing additional time for hands-on learning and interaction with colleagues from diverse backgrounds and fields. It will also provide an appropriate framework for knowledge sharing and
transfer, offer new networking opportunities, and open avenues for enhanced cooperation with the Alliance.

Staff Academy is held twice a year. Each event will be hosted by one of the Alliance Universities within the 10 Days of INGENIUM framework.

Where: University of Crete (UoC), Greece  –  WEEKLY PROGRAM

When: 5-9 February 2024

Next Edition of Staff Academy Workshop

Where: Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi (TUIASI), Romania

When: May 20-24, 2024