INGENIUM European Campus

Welcome to the INGENIUM European Campus, where innovation meets collaboration to redefine the landscape of higher education across the European Union. Our mission, guided by the principles of the European Universities Initiative, is to establish an Inter-university Campus that transcends borders, offering a seamless and enriching educational experience for students from diverse backgrounds.

At the heart of our campus is the commitment to fostering an open degree structure, allowing students to design flexible and multidisciplinary curricula tailored to their unique interests and aspirations. With enhanced mobility opportunities, including virtual options, students have the freedom to explore and engage with INGENIUM programs across various member states, enriching their academic journey and cultural experiences.

Furthermore, we are currently developing new study programmes aimed at addressing emerging fields and industry demands, ensuring our students are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in today’s world. Additionally, we are expanding our student mobility offerings to include double, multiple, and joint degree programmes, providing students with even more opportunities to tailor their educational experience to their individual goals and preferences.

In addition to these initiatives, we continue to offer a variety of summer and winter schools, hackathons, and challenge-based learning opportunities, providing hands-on experiences that complement traditional classroom learning and foster creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking skills.

Join us at the INGENIUM European Campus, where we are shaping the future of education through collaboration, innovation, and a shared commitment to excellence within the framework of the European Universities Initiative.

Our objectives for an open European Campus

The setting up and the organisation of the INGENIUM European Campus (IEC) is one of the primary objectives for our Alliance and one of the key actions proposed in our Mission Statement. We are aiming for an open university that allows students from all partner institutions access to the teaching and research opportunities offered by each of them.

The IEC main features, in line with the initiative indications and specific objectives are:

  • Offering enhanced mobility opportunities to students, who will be able to spend at least a third of their study periods in INGENIUM programmes in mobility, including virtual mobility.
  • Run by a INGENIUM joint faculty composed of staff from all the partner universities, who cooperate in the development of joint study programmes, with cross-sectoral approach and innovative teaching methodologies.
  • Based on an open degree structure, to allow the configuration of flexible and multidisciplinary curricula in which mobility is seamlessly integrated.
  • Applying joint Quality Assurance systems leading to System Accreditation according to the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area, becoming ready to implement European Degrees, as soon as the appropriate national regulations are in place.
  • Implementing the full and automatic recognition of study periods carried out in any of the universities.
  • Under a single management system, including a dedicated staff, harmonised academic calendar, registration procedures and automatic transmission of academic and administrative data in mobility.
  • Supported by appropriate financial arrangements to ensure a fair distribution of costs and funding for all campuses, study programmes and research activities.

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