Innovative teaching and lifelong learning

INGENIUM’s innovative learning and teaching strategy

In a bold leap forward for higher education, INGENIUM partner universities have embarked on a common journey toward innovative teaching and learning. This pedagogical renewal is led by the Innovation Committee, comprising partner universities’ appointed Innovation Leaders and student representatives, supported by dedicated academics, staff members, and a diverse range of students and stakeholders. 

The collaborative effort has given birth to the INGENIUM Innovation Strategy. The strategy is more than a mere roadmap; it is a strategic plan for a future of education that transcends the project’s initial three-year horizon. It lays out what we’re doing, why, and how. In other words, it is a clear set of instructions that keeps things simple and easy to follow in the day-to-day tasks in INGENIUM. It champions student-centric education, forging deeper ties between research and teaching, and explores new methodologies for learning and teaching.