Study Programmes

At the INGENIUM European University, we understand that your academic journey is as unique as you are. That is why we are excited to enrich your study experience not only with mobility options but also with offering a variety of international study opportunities through our double, multiple, and joint degree programmes. The INGENIUM European University is currently developing further double, multiple and joint degree programmes.

Within the INGENIUM Alliance, there are several opportunities to study internationally. Currently, you can study in these double, multiple or joint degree programmes offered by the partners.

Double and multiple degree programmes are developed with two or more universities and allow students to experience the local study environment of the involved partners. Such study programmes have one or more dedicated mobility windows for students to experience, learn and live abroad to foster their international expertise alongside with the strengthening of knowledge in your study programme.

As an add on to this unique experience, you will earn separate degrees from each institution. This means you will benefit from the expertise and resources of all universities involved, gaining a broader perspective and potentially enhancing your career prospects. This allows you to tailor your education to suit your interests and goals, while also fostering connections with a diverse network of academics and professionals.

Very similarly to double or multiple degree programmes, you will have a very internationalized background once you graduate. For joint degrees, partners collaborate to offer a single degree. This provides you with a unique credential that reflects a comprehensive understanding of your field from multiple perspectives. Joint degree programmes often involve specialized coursework and research opportunities, allowing you to delve deeper into your chosen area of study.

The benefit of participating in these programmes over taking a traditional study path is manifold. Not only do you gain exposure to different academic environments and teaching styles, but you also have the chance to build a global network of peers and mentors. The international experience you gain can be invaluable in today’s interconnected world, setting you apart in the job market and opening doors to exciting opportunities both at home and abroad.

For more detailed information on each of our partner’s double, multiple, and joint degree programmes, we encourage you to explore their respective websites or reach out to your local international office for personalized guidance. Embrace the possibilities that await you through international study with INGENIUM European University and our esteemed partners.