Language Courses

In addition to the diverse mobility opportunities available at the INGENIUM European University, staff members also have access to dedicated language courses offered by each partner university. These language courses are specifically designed to prepare staff for the increasingly international nature of academic collaborations and mobility experiences within the alliance.

Whether you are looking to improve your proficiency in a language spoken at one of our partner universities or seeking to acquire new language skills to enhance your professional development, our language courses cater to a wide range of needs and proficiency levels.

Through these courses, staff members can develop their language skills in a supportive and interactive environment, led by experienced instructors who are experts in their respective languages. From beginner to advanced levels, our language courses offer comprehensive training in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, tailored to the specific needs and interests of staff members.

By participating in these language courses, staff members not only enhance their ability to communicate effectively in a multicultural and multilingual environment but also deepen their understanding of different cultures and perspectives, fostering stronger connections and collaboration within the INGENIUM European University community.

For further details about language course offerings and how to enrol, please contact your local language center. Embrace the opportunity to expand your linguistic capabilities and enrich your professional journey at the INGENIUM European University.