The very first online INGENIUM Hackathon took place in April 17-18th, 2024. It was open for all students from the ten INGENIUM universities. The Hackathon was an opportunity for students to collaborate, learn and demonstrate integrated problem-solving and come up with sustainable development solutions on campus.

The students had to solve a challenge on campus related to sustainable development, such as waste management, biodiversity, sustainable mobility or student’s wellbeing.

The Hackathon aimed to:

  • Empower Students: To become SDG change agents while co-creating their universities’ transition toward SDG-accelerator campuses.
  • Foster creativity and topic knowledge, encourage creative problem-solving and critical thinking.
  • Build Connections: Interact with representatives from across the INGENIUM Alliance and affiliated local authorities.
  • Develop Personal and Professional Competencies: Attend to the key competencies for Sustainable Development in the design and delivery of the solution.

At the end of the 2 days, 9 teams presented their projects to a jury representing the different INGENIUM territories.

Congratulation to the winner of the “Waste Management” team, whose project was the Inspiration for the Science Factory that took place during the Senior Summer School from 27 to 31 May.

See the Hackathon winning project: 

Delivrable 7.4 on INGENIUM SDG Hackahton

On the 12th July, the Steering Committee approved the delivrable 7.4 on INGENIUM SDG Hackahton.

The deliverable focus on the Hackathon and the unfolding of the event and the follow up in Rouen during the Science Factory that took place during the Senior Summer School from 27 to 31 May.

What happens next?

The members of WP7 will decide in September on how to implement the winning projects of the Hackathon and the Science Factory for the remaining of the INGENIUM project. Each university will also have access to the other presentations made
by Science Factory students on their campuses in order to determine whether they could also be implemented.

Hackathon videos

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