The very first online INGENIUM Hackathon will take place in April 17-18th, 2024. The students will solve a challenge on campus related to sustainable development, such as waste management, biodiversity, sustainable mobility or student’s wellbeing. The Hackathon is open for all students from the ten INGENIUM universities. The Hackathon is an opportunity for students to collaborate, learn and demonstrate integrated problem-solving and come up with sustainable development solutions on campus.

The Hackathon aims to:

  • Empower Students: To become SDG change agents while co-creating their universities’ transition toward SDG-accelerator campuses.
  • Foster creativity and topic knowledge, encourage creative problem-solving and critical thinking.
  • Build Connections: Interact with representatives from across the INGENIUM Alliance and affiliated local authorities.
  • Develop Personal and Professional Competencies: Attend to the key competencies for Sustainable Development in the design and delivery of the solution.

For the Hackathon working groups will be formed to focus on the different SDG topics or sub-topics. The students can exchange points of view on issues of socio-ecological transition applied to different regional contexts and soliciting innovation and critical thinking from them. The Hackathon will take place over 48 hours of work and will connect students from the universities in the alliance.

When students apply they will choose a topic of interest and mixed teams will be formed post-application. Students will be sorted into teams according to their favourite topics and work together with students from different universities. Each team will present their innovative solutions in a virtual setting to representatives from local authorities connected with universities in the INGENIUM alliance.

The winning team will be invited to the University of Rouen Normandy in France during the 10 Days of INGENIUM in May, 2024 for a ceremony. The winning team’s solution/idéa will be included in the INGENIUM Sustainable Development Goals and European Green Deal Agenda for a long-term implementation.

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