Sustainable Development

The INGENIUM Alliance is strongly committed to European and Global Challenges. They are materialised around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the European Green Deal (EGD) growth strategy of the European Commission.

The University of Skövde in Sweden is in charge of Work Package 7 – INGENIUM for Sustainable Development.

The INGENIUM Alliance will create new knowledge, new ways of thinking and future-proof competent graduates who are better equipped to meet the challenges of this and future generations. INGENIUM universities see their communities and regions as hubs for action, the campuses and communities are living labs for action across the SDGs and EGD supporting youth-led and intergenerational dialogue sharing and shaping change.

We want to increase awareness regarding sustainable development, both at the universities, in the surrounding societies and within industries. For example, through online workshops on climate change and the INGENIUM SDG Hackathon with various campus-related themes linked to sustainability, we hope to engage the students. We will also develop course material and produce tools so that teachers, more easily, can integrate the concept of sustainability into their teaching

During 10 Days of INGENIUM in Cork, in February 2024, the draft for the Sustainable Development Goals and European Green Deal and Global Partnerships Agenda was discussed, and it will be adopted shortly. This Agenda is a framework to help the INGENIUM partners to accelerate sustainable development in their strategies and activities. The Agenda covers four different main areas; Education, Research and innovation, Sustainable Universities and Global Partnerships.