Staff Exchanges

The INGENIUM European University celebrates its motto to Connect, Share, Learn and encourages all its staff members to connect their networks, share their experience and learn from each other’s best practices. As staff members of our partner universities, you have a wide range of opportunities to engage in staff exchanges and enrich your professional development.

Staff exchanges offer various avenues for mobility, including teaching exchanges, participation in staff weeks, and individualized job shadowing opportunities. Teaching exchanges allow staff members to teach courses or deliver training sessions at partner universities, fostering collaboration and enriching the academic experience for both staff and students.

Participation in staff weeks provides another avenue for professional development, offering intensive workshops, seminars, and networking opportunities focused on specific themes or areas of interest. Staff weeks bring together professionals from different institutions to exchange ideas, share experiences, and build collaborative partnerships.

Individualized job shadowing opportunities allow staff members to observe and learn from colleagues in different roles or departments, providing valuable insights into university administration and operations and promoting cross-departmental collaboration.

Additionally, the INGENIUM European University offers access to the Staff Academy, a platform dedicated to the exchange of innovative teaching methods and pedagogical approaches. Through the Staff Academy, staff members can share best practices, participate in workshops and training sessions, and collaborate on educational projects to enhance the quality of teaching and learning across the alliance.

Furthermore, staff members can benefit from access to Education Labs, where they can explore cutting-edge technologies and instructional tools to enhance their teaching practices and engage students in innovative ways. These labs provide hands-on learning experiences and opportunities for experimentation, fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement in education.

For detailed information on staff exchange opportunities, please contact your local international office. Embrace the opportunities available at the INGENIUM European University to expand your professional horizons and contribute to the advancement of higher education across Europe and beyond.

Please visit Mobility options at a glance to find out how to start your Staff Mobility journey with the INGENIUM European University.