INGENIUM Joint Programmes

The INGENIUM European University is currently developing a range of joint programmes across all levels of study, presenting exciting opportunities for collaboration and academic innovation. A joint programme involves partnerships between two or more universities, working together to design and deliver a cohesive curriculum that combines the strengths and expertise of each institution. Through these collaborative efforts, students can pursue various outcome options, including double, multiple, and joint degrees.

In double or multiple degree programmes, students have the opportunity to earn two or more separate degrees from all involved institutions. This allows them to benefit from the unique offerings and academic environments of each university, enhancing their academic profile and global perspective. Both approaches provide them with a broader educational experience and a diverse range of qualifications.

On the other hand, joint degree programmes involve collaboration between universities to offer a single degree. This joint credential reflects a comprehensive understanding of a particular field or discipline, combining the expertise and resources of all partner institutions. Joint degree programmes often involve specialized coursework and research opportunities, providing students with a well-rounded education that prepares them for success in their chosen field.

To explore opportunities for collaboration and launch new joint programmes within the INGENIUM Alliance, universities are invited to complete the Call for Collaboration template, initiating the process of creating innovative study programmes that meet the evolving needs of students and the wider academic community.

Please contact your local INGENIUM Project coordinator or the Project manager INGENIUM European Campus, Lisa Riedel, if you would like to engage in the development of INGENIUM Joint Programmes.

Currently, partners from the INGENIUM Alliance are developing the following programmes.

  • Bachelor level:
    • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  •  Master Level:
    • Psychology of Well-Being and Performance
    • Master in Legal Sciences for Business Innovation and Internationalisation and Master in International Law
    • Mechatronic Engineering