Munster Technological University (MTU)

Munster Technological University (MTU)

Munster Technological University (MTU) is a multi-campus technological university with six campuses in the South West of Ireland. MTU was established in Jan 2021 from a merger between the Cork Institute of Technology and the Institute Of Technology Tralee. MTU brings together a long proud heritage of excellence in higher education in Ireland, to create a new and exciting global University centred on delivering the very best quality education for the student, the region and the wider world.

18,000+ learners
140+ courses and programmes
2,000+ staff developing and supporting learners
120+ links with leading colleges worldwide
100+ clubs and societies

Small class sizes, an excellent staff-student ratio and a strong emphasis on learning through practical application combine to make an interactive dynamic learning environment. The MTU community of staff and students comprises a mix of home and international students, resulting in a diverse learning environment and a warm welcome for all.

MTU courses include undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Business, Engineering, Science, Computing, Nursing, Humanities, Art and Music. MTU has a very well-developed ‘ladder’ structure to enable students to progress through the different levels of qualifications.

MTU prides itself on its close links with industry which are crucial to ensuring that MTU graduates have the education and skill set necessary to thrive in the global tech high-skill economy, across a diverse range of sectors including computing, engineering, pharma, agri-food, health, tourism and sports.

MTU has six research centres of excellence which develop multi-disciplinary, industry-focused research programmes with national and international partners and prides itself on research output that benefits both the economy and the wider public.

The South West of Ireland is a region with a thriving economy and a rich cultural heritage including a lively arts scene located in a region of exceptional beauty which attracts millions of visitors every year.

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