University of Rouen, Normandy

University of Rouen, Normandy

With 34,000 students across 6 campuses, the University of Rouen Normandy (URN) is a key player in higher education and research at the heart of Normandy, at only one hour and a half from Paris. Thanks to training programs and research activities tailored to the region’s needs, it promotes the professional integration of graduates in a dynamic economic territory. As a creator of knowledge through the activity of its 37 laboratories, including 15 joint research units with national research organisations the University positions itself in the realm of scientific excellence at both national and international levels. Its priority: to provide the keys to understanding to support society and decision-makers in environmental and societal transitions.

Urn has:

  • 8 Technological Platforms
  • 1 Clinical Investigation Centre
  • 1 international research institute
  • 5 Joint Research institutes with industry

As a multidisciplinary institution, the URN offers over 375 programs and degrees in initial, continuing, apprenticeship, and distance learning formats. There are numerous paths available! The structure of higher education is organized around three levels that are commonly recognized across Europe: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate (L-M-D).

Focused on success, innovation, and pedagogical transformation, the URN educates its students about the challenges of today and tomorrow, in which they are key participants.

The URN has been committed for over 15 years to fostering a resilient and sustainable University. To strengthen this commitment, in December 2022, the URN has launched the T.URN institute. It sets strategic directions for socio-ecological transition and provides opinions on the annual and/or multiannual action plans. Furthermore, the promotion of sustainable development within teaching activities permeates all university programs, notably through a 10-hour module for all first-year students.

Officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the URN has established its Olympic Studies and Research Center (CEROUEN). This federation aims to unite, energize, and highlight the research and teaching projects centered on the values of Olympism and Paralympism. With CEROUEN, the URN joins the prestigious international network of Olympic Studies and Research Centers (CERO spread across 24 countries worldwide.

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