Partners delve into Entrepreneurial INGENIUM and provide an insight into existing good practices across INGENIUM University partners

Interim Report on Transnational Incubation and Acceleration Programmes

Over the last few months, Munster Technological University has collected data from the INGENIUM University partners on their range of incubation and acceleration programmes. The interim report provides an overview of these programmes and good practices and sets out the plan for exploring how these might be internationalised across INGENIUM.

This plan includes:

  • A workshop addressing the themes of Incubation and Accelerator delivery
  • The possibilities for entrepreneurial staff and students across the Alliance to avail of hot-desk facilities in partner university incubators
  • Potential opportunities for enterprises from the different INGENIUM regions who wish to engage in research commercialisation and market development in other regions
  • Partners to avail of as many study visit opportunities as possible to experience the Entrepreneurial activity in person in partner universities
  • Exploration of how a greater level of connectivity can be developed between the individual accelerator activities

Partners have worked together to examine their strengths in supporting on-campus entrepreneurship. One objective of the work package is to maximise the potential for university staff, who possess high levels of knowledge and technical/ business expertise, to spin-off new enterprises, with the support of the University.

Preparing the entrepreneurial graduate equips the future workforce to develop important critical thinking and problem-solving skills – important to success, both as future employees, or as company founders. Partners are collaborating to share, enhance, and maximize the Entrepreneurial impact of the INGENIUM European University. The report also examines the roles of partners in supporting external entrepreneurship within their respective regions.