URN announces selected projects from the INGENIUM Research Groups Call for Proposals

On 18th of April 2024, at the University of Rouen Normandy have officially kickstarted the winning projects from our INGENIUM Call for Proposals, launched in November 2023, with the support of the French national ANR and France 2030 funding. The Call is aimed at strengthening of the INGENIUM research network and supporting the creation of dedicated research groups across our Alliance. Funding will cover expenses such as financing for internships, travel, small equipment, conferences.

We have received a large number of high-quality proposals and we are pleased to share that 14 projects have been selected to be funded under this initiative. Namely:

  • Master 2 Internship: Characterization of thermal properties and microstructure of nanocomposites with controlled anisotropy, presented by Allisson Saiter-Fourcin from the GPM Lab, in partnership with TUIASI;
  • CETAPS INGENIUM Healthy Campus Alliance, presented by Gonzalo Marchant Gonzalez from the CETAPS Lab in partnership with MTU and UNIOVI;
  • Circular Economy Approach: Harnessing Wood Industry By-Products for Biochar Valorization and Antibiotic Synthesis, presented by Andréa Chane from CBSA in partnership with XAMK;
  • Verification and Validation of Numerical Models, presented by Jorge César Brändle de Motta from CORIA Lab, in partnership with UNIOVI;
  • The Place of Children’s Voices in Public Spaces in Europe: An International Comparison Between France, Greece, and Finland, presented by Judit Vari from the CIRNEF Lab, in partnership with UoC and XAMK;
  • Polymer Materials Science in IngeNium, presented by Laurent Delbreilh from the GPM Lab, in partnership with UoC;
  • Sustainable composites for thermal insulation, presented by Antonella Esposito from the GPM Lab, in partnership with UdA;
  • Creativity and Executive Function in Sensorimotor context for Inclusion, presented by Fabien Bitu from the CRFDP Lab, in partnership with UoC, UdA and UNIOVI;
  • Race to the surface: how coatings on implants can promote bone cells and controlled immune system over bacterial infections, presented by Pascal Thebault from the PBS Lab, in partnership with MTU and UdA;
  • Research for a Non-Discriminatory and Socially Engaged University, presented by Irène Pereira from the CIRNEF Lab, in partnership with UNIOVI;
  • Scientific Exchange between Evreux Campus and MTU Cork, presented by Anne Groboillot from the CBSA Lab, in partnership with MTU;
  • IngeniuM for Educational programs on Climate and Environment, presented by Emma Imen Turki from the M2C Lab, in partnership with UNIOVI;
  • Proposal for Setting up a Psychology Training Module for the Department of Health as well as Partner Universities INGENIUM, Munster University of Technology (MTU), and Sofia Medical University (MUS), presented by Heidi Charvin from the CRFDP Lab, in partnership with MTU and MUS;
  • Role of aldosterone and its Mineralocorticoid Receptor in complications associated with YoYo diet induced weight cycling in female mice, Antoine Ouvrard-Pascaud from the EnVI Lab, in partnership with HS.

The total awarded budget for these projects is 130.000 €.

URN announces selected projects from the INGENIUM PhD thesis Call for Proposals

On the 18th of June 2024, the University of Rouen Normandy has announced that, following a competitive Call for projects, three winning PhD thesis projects under the Ingenium Alliance framework have been selected and will be fully funded. The response to the Call has been positive, highlighting a robust interest in advancing research excellence.

With a total investment nearing 360,000 euros over 3 years, these projects, developed in collaboration with our Ingenium Alliance university partners, could lead to European doctorates for the selected candidates. This initiative underscores our commitment to fostering trans-European collaboration and promoting academic achievement also on the PhD level.

The selected projects, each poised to make significant contributions to their respective fields, are the following:

  • CREA-COG (Study of Cognitive and Sensorimotor Predictors of Creativity in Children with Typical and Atypical Development) project, developed in collaboration and with the University of Oviedo, will investigate how cognitive functions (particularly executive functions and technical reasoning) and sensorimotor skills relate to creativity in children with typical and atypical development. It aims to enhance inclusive education strategies by understanding and fostering creative abilities, addressing gaps in current research. The project is part of the CREFSIN program within the INGENIUM alliance.
  • MaRRine (Assessing Maritime-coastal Risks and developing innovative technologies for Resilient systems in response to Climate Change) project focuses on assessing maritime-coastal risks and developing resilient technologies in response to climate change. It integrates nature-based solutions (NbS) with traditional infrastructure to mitigate flood risks and enhance coastal resilience. In collaboration the University of Oviedo, and Munster Technological University, the project aims to create a Coastal Digital Twin (CDT) that integrates observational data, AI, and numerical methods to inform the creation of adaptive coastal management strategies.
  • CatLisGut (Role of human stress hormones (CATecholamines) on LISteria monocytogenes virulence and bacteria/host interactions in the GUT) project will investigate the impact of human stress hormones on Listeria monocytogenes and gut microbiota interactions. It will explore how these hormones influence pathogen virulence and the behavior of probiotic and commensal bacteria. This research will be conducted at the CBSA research institute of URN in collaboration with international partners from the Munster Technological University.