INGENIUM will be funded by EU’s ‘European Universities’ initiative over the next four years!

We are proud to announce that INGENIUM’s application for EU funding in the framework of the ‘European Universities’ initiative has been approved. Chosen from a large pool of applicants, under a strict set of criteria, the alliance will receive a total of EUR 14.4 million to further expand its collaboration across all action fields. This funding shows that the shared effort to create a European inter-university ‘campus’ with physical academic mobility, virtual mobility and blended learning has been acknowledged. We are absolutely thrilled about the academic opportunities the grant will open up for thousands of students within our network. This success motivates us to work even harder in the future to implement further ideas and initiatives of INGENIUM. A big thank you goes out to the ‘European Universities’ commission for honouring our work and supporting our vision of tomorrow’s study landscape in Europe.