Our ambitions

We work together as a consortium to better pursue our common vision of what European higher education should be in terms of teaching methodology, interdisciplinarity, research and commitment to social development.

We also identify the value of our students and staff having enhanced opportunities to study and work across the European Union. We recognise both the societal, cultural as well as educational benefits and opportunities that mobility in all its forms (physical, online, blended) will afford our staff and learner cohorts.

We are building a new model for cooperation in higher education, a model that goes far beyond our current capabilities, enhancing cooperation at an institutional and international level, creating cutting edge multidisciplinary education and research teams, developing innovative pedagogies and digital technologies and thereby bringing transformative change to the education and research areas.

We are firmly committed to working together to overcome barriers and obstacles to create an open, cooperative, inclusive and friendly environment:

  • where students really feel part of a European Campus intended as an open educational space allowing them to take responsibility for their own learning in an environment which recognises and awards credit for the totality of their immersive learning experience, to prepare themselves for a less certain, changing and more challenging future.
  • where cross cutting knowledge, through research informed education flows seamlessly across borders and across sectors, reflecting on more diverse study programmes responding to new social challenges.
  • where academics are stimulated to test and implement new pedagogical approaches, seizing the opportunities that digital technologies are offering and developing blended and work-based learning methodologies.
  • where researchers can readily find opportunities to participate in transnational and interdisciplinary thematic areas exploring scientific and technological challenges, in cooperation internationally within our research centres and industrial stakeholders.
  • where research leading to the development of innovative goods and services is encouraged and where the involvement and close connection with industry facilitates rapid technology transfer.
  • where students, academics and researchers interact with external stakeholders, with special emphasis on small companies and societal groups to share advanced knowledge and help them meet their challenges, while importantly also fostering entrepreneurial mindsets.

Equal treatment and equal opportunity policies are at the core of the Alliance. INGENIUM will proactively break down gender cultural and economic barriers to educationwith no tolerance for any kind of discrimination, whether based on differences of gender, race, ethnic origin, age, religion or sexual orientation. Also, effective measures will be taken to ensure the access of marginalised persons and groups to higher education and to the Alliance activities and services, through dedicated scholarships and support services.

We are especially committed to the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Sustainability is a hallmark of the INGENIUM Alliance, and specific actions will be developed to contribute to the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, both at local and global level.

INGENIUM academics and students will be encouraged to propose and undertake research projects, including BScMaster or PhD thesis, aimed at developing solutions to global challenges, such as alleviating poverty, improving global health, ensuring access to education, building inclusive societies or fighting against climate change.

In particular, as an Alliance we will be able to further strengthen our already active strategy of global partnerships to cooperate with higher education institutions worldwide, to share and spread the objectives of the European Education Area, to support the improvement of higher education in the partner countries, to facilitate cooperation in education and research, and to provide wider opportunities for staff and student mobility from low-income countries.