Mission Statement

Our Vision: What INGENIUM will have achieved by 2030

Our vision for 2030 is that the INGENIUM European University has been built on its very wide geographical footprint and strengthened by its shared educational and societal objectives.

Ingenium has also grown strongly by building on the cultural diversity and on the wide range of courses delivered and on the varying typologies of its constituent institutions, which range from traditional universities to technological universities and universities of applied sciences and medicine.

Ingenium, in line with its Mission Statement, has successfully and incrementally advanced the delivery of modern university education in line with EHEA objective of innovating in learning and teaching intuitions.

Inter-campus mobility for students and staff is a significant hallmark of the alliance.

Transversal objectives in promoting entrepreneurship and digital learning and outreach programmes have been supported by the sharing of best practices and have been fully realised.

Constituent universities have collaborated very successfully in line with the objectives of European Universities to provide wide-ranging international opportunities for students, researchers, staff and regional stakeholders.’