Our commitments

Our University governing bodies have endorsed this Mission Statement and have expressed their full support for the INGENIUM Alliance. We will engage all levels of our organisations in this transformation, to fully achieve the long-term objectives of an enhanced cooperation.

Our fully mandated representatives will integrate and actively participate in the Alliance Council, the Consortium Steering Committee and other INGENIUM governing and operational bodies, according to the provisions of our Consortium Agreement, and we will explore options for further integration, including the creation of a jointly held legal entity.

Our structures and procedures will be ready to match our ambitions. We are ready to commit the appropriate human and financial resources to make our cooperation grow stronger. We are particularly aware of the key role our staff can play in leading the transformation and making the inter-university cooperation succeed, and we will provide them with training and experimentation opportunities, by setting up a INGENIUM Staff Academy.

We are already involving the whole university community, not only our staff and students, but also our local stakeholders in policy making, enterprise and civil society, as their strategic support is crucial to sustain the cooperation in the longer term, and to assure significant benefits for our communities.

Our national, regional and local authorities are strongly supportive of the Alliance and will help us to achieve the highest level of cooperation and engagements.