Our springboard to excellence in education and research

The Alliance will be an extremely valuable instrument to enhance our performance in education and research.

The INGENIUM Inter-university Campus will provide an excellent framework to:

  • Bring together multinational and multidisciplinary teams of academics, and involving researchers, students, industry and society to ensure the continued relevance of the study programmes.
  • Share our experience with other higher education institutions in Europe to nourish reflection and contribute to the development of a European degree.
  • Share, experiment and disseminate innovative and technology enhanced pedagogic methodologies, such as evidence-, problem-, project- and challenge-based education, flipped classrooms, work-based and dual education combining lab or enterprise stages, and others.
  • Explore and develop the connections between research and education, to feed-back research methodologies and results, to enhance learning outcomes and research informed teaching.INGENIUM will offer new opportunities to consolidate and grow our emerging and leading research groups. The Alliance will provide the appropriate framework to enhance cooperation in research activities and to participate in global research networks by:
  • Encouraging and supporting joint research strategies and projects, particularly those proposed by multidisciplinary teams and involving economic and social partners.
  • Facilitating the mobility of researchers, especially those in their early stage, to carry out research stays in other universities’ laboratories and research centres.
  • Sharing our international cooperation networks to connect our research groups with leading research groups in Europe and worldwide.