Building the INGENIUM European Campus within a cohesive cooperation framework

The INGENIUM European Campus is at the core of the INGENIUM Alliance, but what should it look like? Similar to many other European Universities, INGENIUM has converged to shape the future of Higher Education and to kick-start a process of transformation. We are aiming for an open university that allows students and faculty members from all partner institutions access to the teaching and research opportunities offered by each of them.

In October 2023, members of the INGENIUM Alliance met in Sofia, Bulgaria, for three days to explore the various facets of the INGENIUM European Campus and discussed the requirements for a regulatory framework. With best practice examples from within the community, we were able to pave our way towards the creation of the INGENIUM European Campus.

There was a lot to be learned from each other: How is quality assurance embedded within each partner institution’s processes? What are our similarities and where are our differences? How can we tackle the discrepancies? Coming together with diverse backgrounds and different levels of experience in the broad world of joint programmes, we assembled a list of questions that we will address one by one in the coming months to help us create and shape the common INGENIUM European Campus.

At the end of the many workshops, exchanges and discussions, the foundations were laid for a strong and unique collaboration within our INGENIUM European University.