Unleashing the Future: INGENIUM’s innovative learning and teaching strategy is ready for implementation

Committed to forward-looking higher education for a changing world.

In a bold leap forward for higher education, INGENIUM partner universities have embarked on a common journey toward innovative teaching and learning. This pedagogical renewal is led by the Innovation Committee, comprising partner universities’ appointed Innovation Leaders and student representatives, supported by dedicated academics, staff members, and a diverse range of students and stakeholders. This collaborative effort has given birth to the INGENIUM Innovation Strategy.

Innovation Strategy Workshop in Chieti-Pescara

The Innovation Strategy Process

The Innovation Committee also recognized the need for an external perspective and enlisted the expertise of Ablers Ltd. to help draft the strategy. Through a well-designed process, the committee engaged different stakeholders and partners in three transformative phases: Analysis, Planning, and Implementation.

The insights garnered from the first two surveys laid the foundation for an in-person Innovation Committee workshop during the 10 Days of INGENIUM event in June 2023 at the University ‘G. d’Annunzio’, Chieti-Pescara, Italy.

The consultant guided us on this journey, planning and executing all three surveys and connecting the findings from the partner universities. Based on these, a strategic analysis, pedagogical innovation strategy, and a comprehensive implementation plan were created. These were refined and ultimately approved by the Innovation Committee, to create a common pedagogical innovation strategy that could be implemented by all ten partner universities.

Illuminating the path ahead

The following AI-based surveys were made, respecting GDPR legislation, to provide key information for the creation of the strategy:

  • Strategic Analysis Survey: Delving into the trends, opportunities, and challenges within the innovation landscape.
  • Strategy Planning Survey: Posing strategic questions and exploring options for the innovation strategy.
  • Strategy Implementation Survey: Identifying critical action streams, main priorities, and key phases in execution, along with strategic indicators.

This effort has given birth to the Innovation Strategy summary – a dynamic document comprising the Innovation Strategy, Implementation Plan, and a visionary Roadmap. This valuable resource is openly shared via INGENIUM’s digital platforms and communicated through official channels.

Pioneering Pedagogy: The Impact of the Innovation Strategy

The INGENIUM Innovation Strategy is more than a mere roadmap; it is a strategic plan for a future of education that transcends the project’s initial three-year horizon. It lays out what we’re doing, why, and how. In other words, it is a clear set of instructions that keeps things simple and easy to follow in the day-to-day tasks in INGENIUM. It champions student-centric education, forging deeper ties between research and teaching, and explores new methodologies for learning and teaching.

For more information, you can watch the INGENIUM Innovation Strategy introduction video:

As INGENIUM propels forward, it moves from embracing change to becoming the architect of change. With a resolute focus on innovation, this alliance is poised to redefine the higher education landscape for generations to come.